Chapter One: Exhibits, ending in Ottawa

Lets try to sum it all up in words...

We traveled 27 portraits throughout southern Ontario to six locations we started at TAP London, On, then to Lambton Heritage Museum Grand Opening in Grand Bend, Common Ground in Windsor, then invited back to Windsor second location to Ska:ana First Nation Centre, followed by Art Square Gallery Toronto and finally with a busload of Us ending at Shenkman Arts Centre Orlean's/Ottawa.

A small idea to try to toss a small pebble of positve connection into Lake Huron to create a bridge between Kettle & Stony Point First Nation and the outside community,and it was a great success! This success is measured by the sincere new connections, friendships that developed, and the sharing together. Creating a new community of kindness and compassion for eachother.

The Me,You & Us community art project opened peoples hearts in ways we could not have planned. All involved knew we had help from a higher source, that guided us throughout.

The last show in Ottawa was a wonderful ending bringing a bus load of people to end this chapter of Me,You &Us.We had a wonderful time together singing, making beautiful noise, exploring the city and feeling a connection that will remain with us all.

At the last show there was an eight year old boy... William he listened carefully to our presentation and wanted the book Me,You & Us to be read to him.I could feel his eager attention and his little heart opening before my eyes. This wasn't the only time we saw this happen along the tour..hearts opened.

The age range was vast we where honoured to have Hilda and Doug with us on the trip 87 years old, married for 67 years. They brought with them a belief in the power of lasting love.

I could tell you all so many wonderful stories. The healing came from sharing, listening, creating, laughing and sheding tears in a sacred circle lead by a creative source. Further hearts were opened by those who saw the exhibit and their ability to tap into the energy that created it.

As the 27 portraits travelled we felt something magical. The same energy the portraits and the classes were created from was felt by many who saw the exhibit, it was hope for a better future for all our grandchildren a future of compassion and understanding.

We could never have planned the wonderful response from the media Anishnabeck News, Muskrat Magazine, Sarnia Observer, Regina Leaderpost, Kenora Daily Miner, Whitecourt Star, Forest Standard and Exeter Lakeshore Times Advance. 

What remained in our hearts is the overwhelming positive response right here at home at Lambton Heritage Museum,Grand Bend where 500+ people came to see the exhibit and gratitude for all those involved who offered their support and opened their hearts to us.

Susan and I had the intention to build a bridge across a cultural divide, for ourselves, our families and all of Us.We did it and it is beautiful. We joyfully watch many travel through that new connection again and again. Me,You & Us has just begun!