Me,You & Us -Youth 2020

Me,You & Us-Youth is featured at SAIB Gallery in Mississauga.

October17-November 7.2020-Youth Art Work

Youth artwork done January-March2020 before Covid changes things for us All.

Also Mary featured who's spirit guides Me,You & Us.

We had other plans had to adapt,always keeping an eye on the snowy owl...keep looking up.


With the support of #RBCFutureLaunch # GrandbendCommunity Fund #Creative CountyGrantProgram # allmyrealtions




Eagle Spirits of the Great Waters

Eagle Spirits of the Great Water invited Me,You & Us-Youth to display Intutive Energy Paintings at SAIB cultural centre in Mississauga,Ontario from October 17-November 7, 2020.

We also put together a Virtual Art Show of the art work so all those who don't have the opportunity to see the art work in Mississauga may view it here.

We are very grateful for this opportunity to show some of our Youth participants art work,