What is Spirit?

What is Spirit?

I will share what I mean by spirit, although there are many different respected perspectives, and definitions other than this one.

"What is this Spirit you speak of"? Someone in one of my workshops asked me that. I am sure there are variations on this definitions. I will share one.

Spirit is an energy that has been with you before you were born, as you walk the earth and continues after your body is no longer alive.

In the spirit portraits there is focus on the person's spirit and trying to bring it to light.  Some may think this sounds morbid, and historically spirit portraits are done when people have gone to the spirit world.

In Me,you & Us portraits there is a focus on connecting to the spirit of All, while it is present on this earthly plane.

Spirit is constant energy it is what was here before you were born and it will be after your body is gone. It is the connection to Creator and creative force. In Me,You & Us we try to connect to people's spirit through art, workshops, gatherings, drumming ( most cultues have a drum which connects the heartbeat of all) and sharing.

To complete a spirit portrait: First we must get to know the individual by observation, Susan took photos, we both did interviews, and prayed asking Creator for guidance. Lastly sketches were done until a visual idea of spirit is found.

The portraits depict people as recognizable but not photographic.

They are set in Nature as part of the Earth.

In the spirit portraits the focus is on an individual's spirit as a reflection of creation energy that connects us all to eachother, our human family and our earthly home...We Are All One.